Lena, Ukraine
I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus as my Savior a year and a half ago. I had been interested in religion since my childhood, but I'd had no desire to learn about God. There were lots of Jehovah's Witnesses where I lived. They often offered me their literature, but there was something that kept me from joining that church. After I moved to another place following my parents'death, I started going from bad to worse. The devil took away my health, my youth, and my house.

V. T. Sredina (Briansk Region, Russia)
Greetings to all at 3ABN Russia! I'm so thankful to God and you for your television and radio programs and for your ministry to God and people. I read your guides 5 times with much interest. I'm looking forward to receiving your next assignments. May God bless you!

Alla, Ukraine
My son and I enjoy watching your Workshop of Goodness programs. Thank you for your ministry for our kids!

Valentina, Belarus
I like your New Life Bible study course very much. You are the light of the world! You are the salt of the earth! Whatever you do, you show the love of Jesus. Thank you for bringing God's love to every heart, to every home, and to every person willing to accept the truth.

N. Drachkova, Kazakhstan
3ABN Russia's New Life Bible study guides are very interesting, helpful and essential for every person. They reveal you lots of new things and encourage you to read the Bible more and more. I like them very much and look forward to getting the next lessons. They make it much easier for me to study the Bible.

Donate to Publishing Books. We have almost run out of the books we usually mail out for free to meet our viewers' and listeners' spiritual needs. Below are the most popular ones we plan to publish again. Abundant Living (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles They Will Be Food for You (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles Fourteen Health Principles (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles Abundance Technology (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles Smart Kid (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles That's True! (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles ______________________________________________ Total: 210,000 rubles

Support the Construction of 3ABN Russia's Second Studio. Since February 2011 3ABN Russia has been actively constructing its second studio. To complete the construction, we need your support. The second studio will allow to record in HD quality and will make video production more efficient: - less time will be spent on installation of the sets - we'll be able to tape in 2 studios simultaneously.

The Fourteen Principles of a Happy Life. Three Angels Broadcasting Network is a non-profit organization that exists solely on donations. One of 3ABN's major activities is publishing Christian books and sending them to people as free gifts. We get lots of thank-you letters from viewers who confess that our books are very helpful in learning how to put Bible teachings into practice. Currently there are 2 books to be published soon.

New Life Bible Study Course. We published 18,000 Bible study guides between 2007 and 2010. Currently, we are running out of our supplies and thus are in need for more copies. 3,000 sets of Bible study guides – or 18,000 booklets – would cost us 150,000 Russian rubles. We would be grateful to you for any kind of support!

Free Bible distribution. There are still a great number of those who dream of having and studying the Bible but can't afford to buy. Annually we distribute over 300 Bibles among those who have completed our New Life Bible study course. 300 copies of the Bible will cost us 45,000 Russian rubles. Donating your money to the Bible distribution project is much the same as giving a Bible to a person who desperately needs God's Word.

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