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Our Awards

Throughout its history 3ABN Russia has received numerous television awards. Listed below are the award winners.

The first award received was that of the 2003 TEFI Television Festival for 3ABN's Surprises from the Chest children's programs.

Traces of Time from 3ABN's Poetry about Human Lives series won Grand Prix at United Ukraine, an international regional networks festival that was held in 2003.

In 2004, 3ABN won recognition for its program, Pre-Marital Sex: Yes or No?, from the Make a Choice youth-oriented series.

3ABN's Children's Most Horrible Nightmare program from the Blessed Are the Pure In Heart children's series was announced the winner of the 2005 Aged 16 and Above Television Contest.

In 2006, 3ABN was given an award at the journalist contest, Everyone Is Eligible to Have a Future: Stop the AIDS.
Ten-Minutes Older, 3ABN's program about AIDS-affected people, won Grand Prix at the 2007 eighth annual Together International Television Festival.
Diana, 3ABN's program from its Independence series was named the winner of the 2007 I Am a Human Television Festival.

An award winner is also 3ABN's Planet's Pulse Bible-based video.

The most recent of 3ABN's awards was the one received at the third annual 2009 Euro-Asian Television Contest of Social and Youth Programs for 3ABN's As Ye Have Done It unto One of the Least of These My Brethren from the Present-Day Celebrities series.