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Our Staff

Julia Outkina
Executive Director

«Our mission is to serve people by bringing God's Word to them via television, radio, Internet, and publications. We put all of our hearts, efforts, abilities, and inspiration into it»

- I love God and people.
- Learning the lessons of life is very interesting for me.
- I wish all people would be happy. And it's possible!
Lena Varnavskaya
General Manager

«What I like best is to work with people. It's important to notice and develop each employee's skills with the purpose of making the network's ministry more efficient»

- I wish people would always care for one another.
- Every day begins with dawn.
- Happiness for me is participating in someone else's life.
Kate Sazhyna
Staff Coordinator

«I love my work!»

- Happiness is one's family, friends, and loved ones.
- I always feel blessed.
- I love resting after a hard week's work.
Alex Latukhin
Chief Accountant

«My job is exciting and has a lot of responsibilities. I not only deal with paperwork, numbers, and documents, but also with all types of people»

- I find it interesting to learn something new about this world.
- I feel great when work goes on really well.
- I love animals.
Alex Bochkariev
Computer System Administrator

«When I was in college, I dreamed of working with and on computers. Today, my dream has come true»

- Every day I eat a healthy candy bar.
- Happiness is the possibility of fulfilling one's dreams.
- I feel good when I lead a healthy lifestyle.
Valery Malyshev
Chief Engineer

«I used to love assembling toy constructors in my childhood. Now I have become an engineer and I am happy to be in charge of 3ABN Russia's equipment»

- Every day should make sense.
- I find it interesting to get involved in extraordinary events.
- I hope the Lord will come soon and everything will change in one day.
Sveta Barinova
Designer, Computer Graphics Specialist

«Working for 3ABN is a big blessing for me. Every day brings lots of pleasant surprises»

- Every day I am glad to be alive.
- I find it interesting to help my neighbors in their needs.
- I hope the fruits of my life will not be meaningless.
Renat Martykanov
Production Manager

«I love to feel that things I am doing are beneficial»

- Happiness means thankfulness.
- Every day I wait for positive changes to take place.
- I love rainy weather.
Alex Ronzhyn
Video Director

«One can make something beautiful and extraordinary out of practically nothing. At the same time don't forget that this is not your value, but a gift from above»

- Every day should start with love.
- Happiness is not pretending that you feel good while you do not.
- I find it interesting to watch American flaming.
Irina Kirichenko
Host and Editor of Spiritual and Educational Programs

«I arrange and supervise the taping sessions. I like to identify and use the abilities of those involved in the tapings; in so doing I have the opportunity to realize my full potential»

- I would like to live in a beautiful place with fresh air and kind people.
- Every day I believe.
- Happiness is one's dreams coming true.
Mikhail Sevastianov
Host of Children's Programs and Cameraman

«The host and producer work together as a team. My job is to work on the image, the script and to assist in selecting children to be taped on 3ABN's programs. As I get letters from kids I feel that my work is useful»

- Every day I love to look at my sleeping children.
- Happiness is being needed by someone.
- I find it interesting to watch people.
Anna Ronzhyna

«As I host health programs, I address both physical and moral aspects of healthful living. What inspires me to do my work is that I can really help people»

- I wish everyone would be happy.
- Every day brings us closer to eternity.
- Happiness is having peace of mind.
Julia Sinitsyna
Host and Editor

«A host's work begins long before the taping session. It includes collecting the program-related information and preparing questions to ask the guests. My goal is to make our programs interesting for our viewers»

- Every day is special.
- I love to contemplate on how my son will look in 20 years (he is 3 now).
- I feel good when I have peace of mind.
Marat Martykanov
Sound Engineer

«I love composing beautiful music that matches each program for which it is designed. Music is a way of expressing my inner world»

- Every day I am awakened by my little daughter.
- I hope I am pleasant to deal with.
- I find it interesting to reflect upon life.
Irena Sapielkina
Sound Engineer and Radio Editor

«I am responsible for the technical aspects of recording television and radio programs as well as post production editing. I like to make progress and improve my skills»

- I feel good when I love someone.
- I wish all people would rejoice.
- I love joking.
Tatiana Malysheva
Marketing Manager

«My job is an interesting one, communicating to 3ABN's partners from all over the world. Also, I can demonstrate my creativity through producing radio programs»

- I feel good when it's summer.
- Happiness is a home full of love.
- I wish I would always want to love and be loved.
Vadim Trusyuk
Internet Broadcasting Coordinator, Website Administrator, and Program Storage Director

«I am in charge of 3ABN Russia's video storage, technical support, website, and Internet broadcasts. It's so exciting to have such different tasks»

- Happiness is one's possibilities being even greater than anticipated.
- I find it interesting to spend time with my friends.
- I like big spiders.
Daniel Patsukevich
Cameraman, Programmer and News Producer

«I am responsible for making the Internet program schedule, supervising 3ABN Russia's news blog, and taping programs and news. It's great to have the freedom to display creativity and make important decisions!»

- Every day I try to make my life meaningful.
- I find it interesting to watch the influence mass media exerts over people.
- I love giving gifts.
Natalia Kemenova
Public Relations Specialist

- I wish to own a plot of ground where white rose hips grow.
- Every day I wish something new would happen.
- I love reading children's stories.
Maria Rozhkova
Program and News Developer

“My job allows me to always stay updated on 3ABN Russia's most recent news. I love to keep people informed through the network's news broadcasts and be useful in any other way that is needed”

- Happiness is moments of quiet joy.
- I hope I will never stop making progress.
- I love to look into people's eyes.
Julia Lupashina

“I collect information, arrange program taping, interview people, and edit news. I have a very creative job that makes my life more exciting”

- I wish I would always be happy and never get upset.
- Every day is a new world and a new life.
- I love drawing pictures.
Olga Feofanova
Computer Graphics Specialist

“I combine creative and technical aspects of work. I enjoy my work because it provides an assortment of assignments”

- I wish I would visit Saint Petersburg with my husband.
- Happiness is mutual love.
- I find it interesting to discuss my favorite books.
Irena Liamzina
Video Production Editor

“I edit programs and want people to enjoy them. It also helps me improve my skills and learn lots of interesting things”

- I wish I would learn how to fly.
- Every day I enjoy life.
- I am interested in everything.
Vitaliy Koziev
Computer Graphics Designer

“As a child I dreamed of working for a Christian organization and now my dreams have come true. I am excited to work for 3ABN doing editing and graphics of Christian programs”

- I love doing good.
- Every day I set new tasks to perform.
- I feel good when I deal with interesting people.
Max Pumpolov
Video Production and DVD Duplication Editor

“Editing and making DVD copies of television programs are my responsibilities. I value stability in my work”

- Every day I behold heaven.
- I find it interesting to guess what the future holds.
- I love strawberries topped with cream.
Olga Liamzina
Call Center Worker

“I enjoy getting letters from 3ABN viewers and listeners. They enjoy our programs partly due to my work of placing them on TV, radio and satellite stations. This encourages me to contact new stations for our audience to grow”

- I wish I would be able to travel around the world.
- I find it interesting to work puzzles.
- Every day I say loving words to my husband.
Natalia Rusakova

“I've been an accountant for six years and I enjoy my work very much”

- Happiness is being understood and accepted.
- I find it interesting to speak to intelligent people.
- I feel good when my neighbors are OK.
Vitaliy Sinikop

“I translate TV programs and seminars from Russian into English and from English into Russian, and do on-the-spot translations when needed. I feel a calling to do these things”

- I wish for wisdom.
- I hope all my dreams will come true.
- I love the sea and the sun.
Alexander Liamzin

“I love roads because they lead beyond the horizon. And beyond the horizon is heaven”

- I rely upon my friends.
- I find it interesting to see beautiful dreams.
- I feel good when I am full.
Lena Utkina
Producer of Children's Programs and Makeup Artist

“I like composing music and songs for children's programs. And when I apply makeup on our TV guests my goal is for them to feel good and look their best”

- Happiness is loving and being loved.
- I find it interesting to get to know people better.
- Every day is a gift.
Mikhail Kemenov
Cameraman, Editor, and Producer of Nature Videos

“My work for 3ABN is God's answer to my prayer. I dreamed of recording nature videos for God's glory and when I was invited to work for 3ABN Russia, my dreams came true. That's a real miracle!”

- I feel good when I see God's hand in nature.
- I hope I will see the new earth where there is no sin.
- Happiness is awareness that God is with you and you walk with Him.
Sergei Perminov
Sound Engineer

“I edit and produce radio programs”

- I wish I could travel around the world.
- Every day is a small part of life.
- Happiness is achieving a goal, then setting a new one.
Nadezhda Martykanova
Host of Children's Programs and Producer

“I love my work because I juggle different types of activities. It's always exciting, and I love working with kids since they have an extraordinary perspective on the world”

- I find it interesting to do handcrafts.
- Every day I give thanks to God for my kids.
- Happiness for me is making others happy.
Rostislav Manilich

“I am happy to be involved in producing Christian programs”

- I love the blue sky.
- I wish I would live on an island.
- I like to team up with others.
Tamara Krasotkina

«I love keeping the Network clean so our employees and guests can feel at home»

- I wish there would be peace on earth.
- Every day I wake up with a smile on my face.
- I hope I want to learn to accept life for what it is.