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Our Projects

Support 3ABN Russia +  

Three Angels Broadcasting Network is a non-profit organization that exists solely on donations.

Every week 3ABN Russia gets hundreds of letters and none of them goes unanswered. We send free books, Bible study guides, and copies of the Bible to everyone interested in learning the truth .

Christian Broadcasts in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Praise God for your generosity! Because of you we have paid the full amount for the 2013 Christ-centered televison broadcasts in Nizhny Novgorod! Donations came in from our fellow Christians who live in Russia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Slovakia, totaling 217,280 rubles! Special thanks to those of you who responded to the call!

Productions of 3ABN Russia New Catalogs +  

Any manufacturer is well aware of the fact that, to have good sales, it is not sufficient to make a good product. Equally important is the package the customer sees.
The network's catalog represents a list of our programs to be sent to television and radio stations that are our potential partners.

Parables of the Prodigal Son Project +  

For a number of years, 3ABN Russia has been involved in producing a youth-oriented talk show titled Parables of the Prodigal Son. The talk show features young men and women from Nizhny Novgorod Region sharing their personal testimonies of how they accepted Jesus, their doubts and worries, and telling of numerous difficulties that were resolved due to God's mercy and wisdom.

New Publications

We have almost run out of the free books we usually mail to our viewers and listeners to help them spiritually. Below are the most popular ones we plan to publish again.

Abundant Living (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles
They Will Be Food for You (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles

Purchase of 5,000 Copies of Steps to Christ

Currently, we desperately need new copies of the Christian bestseller, Steps to Christ. We send the books to those who take our Bible study course as well as those who order it on our website as a gift. It is one of our favorites not by accident. We are absolutely sure that it is easier for everyone to take his or her first steps to God after reading this book.

3ABN Russia to Participate in 2015 CSTB Moscow Expo 3  

In late 2013, 3ABN Russia launched our satellite channel that carries Christ-centered Russian-language programs across Russia and around the globe.
The satellite signal will reach viewers provided that there are cable operators to broadcast it. This is why we send our presentations to as many cable operators as possible. Unfortunately, the Internet listings do not give us a full picture, including contact information, of the cable companies operating in Russia. As a result, very few people know about our channel and programs.

Purchase of Equipment Needed by Rebroadcasters 3  


The satellite signal that carries 3ABN Russia's Christ-centered programming covers a huge area of Europe and Asia. But for the viewers to be able to watch our programs, we need to have as many cable channels as possible rebroadcast them.

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