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3ABN Russia to Participate in 2015 CSTB Moscow Expo

In late 2013, 3ABN Russia launched our satellite channel that carries Christ-centered Russian-language programs across Russia and around the globe.
The satellite signal will reach viewers provided that there are cable operators to broadcast it. This is why we send our presentations to as many cable operators as possible. Unfortunately, the Internet listings do not give us a full picture, including contact information, of the cable companies operating in Russia. As a result, very few people know about our channel and programs.
To give us publicity by contacting different cable networks, we need to participate in the 2015 CSTB Expo that is annually held in Moscow. The minimal amount of money needed for the expo is 300,000 rubles
That's 10,000 U.S. dollars or 6,000 euros at the current exchange rate.
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To be eligible, we need to make a prepayment now with full payment due in October.
We will deeply appreciate your support in any amount. If you feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to support our ministry, click Donation Information.

Special thanks to Nokilay Belov who was the first to donate 3,000 rubles. Also, we are thankful to Valeriy Malyshev and Lena Varnavskaya who donated 3,000 rubles each as well as Lena Polashkova whose donation totaled 800 euros.

Those donations make it possible for us make a prepayment to participate in the expo.