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New Publications

We have almost run out of the free books we usually mail to our viewers and listeners to help them spiritually. Below are the most popular ones we plan to publish again.

Abundant Living (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles
They Will Be Food for You (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles
Fourteen Health Principles (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles
Abundance Technology (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles
Smart Kid (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles
That's True! (5,000 copies) 35,000 rubles

Total: 210,000 rubles

These are all books related to healthy living as well as various children's booklets. They provide spiritual food and help build long-term relationships with our viewers.

Your contribution will make it possible for us to provide these booklets for free to our viewers and listeners for a total of about 2.5 years.

If you feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to support this project, please click on this link: Donation Information.