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Productions of 3ABN Russia New Catalogs

Any manufacturer is well aware of the fact that, to have good sales, it is not sufficient to make a good product. Equally important is the package the customer sees.
The network's catalog represents a list of our programs to be sent to television and radio stations that are our potential partners.
The catalog gives people an idea of what the network is all about and is often the only means to cause the channel to give the go-ahead to use our programs.
Today we need new updated catalogs to promote our programs that we have produced over the past several years. We are in need of around 2,000 to mail to our would-be partners.

To print 2,000 catalogs, we need 31,400 rubles
To support the project, click Donation Information.

In August and September of 2013 Nikolay Belov from Nizhny Novgorod donated 5,000 rubles