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Purchase of Equipment Needed by Rebroadcasters


The satellite signal that carries 3ABN Russia's Christ-centered programming covers a huge area of Europe and Asia. But for the viewers to be able to watch our programs, we need to have as many cable channels as possible rebroadcast them.

We are in the process of negotiations with cable channels from different cities. To receive our signal, some of them need additional equipment such as DVBS-2 receivers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to rebroadcast our programs without that equipment. One receiver costs 10,700 rubles.

For the cable operators to be able to rebroadcast our signal, we send our receivers to them for free. This is why we ask you for your assistance in covering the expenses. If you feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to support our ministry, click Donation Information.

We want people living in remote towns or villages to be able to hear about the Gospel by watching the best speakers and listening to Christians' personal testimonies!

Dear friends, with your support, we have already purchased 2 receivers. May God bless you for your generosity!